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Accessoire Tesla Model 3<br> Insonorisation des passages de roues avant - Model Sport
Accessoire Tesla Model 3<br> Insonorisation des passages de roues avant - Model Sport
Accessoire Tesla Model 3<br> Insonorisation des passages de roues avant - Model Sport
Accessoire Tesla Model 3<br> Insonorisation des passages de roues avant - Model Sport
Accessoire Tesla Model 3<br> Insonorisation des passages de roues avant - Model Sport
Accessoire Tesla Model 3<br> Insonorisation des passages de roues avant - Model Sport
Accessoire Tesla Model 3<br> Insonorisation des passages de roues avant - Model Sport
Accessoire Tesla Model 3<br> Insonorisation des passages de roues avant - Model Sport

Front wheel arch soundproofing
Tesla Model 3

  • $70.00

    Sound insulation is an issue for a number of Model 3 drivers, but with Tesla you can be demanding!

    Our wheel arch soundproofing will dissipate tire noise on the asphalt.

    • Easy Installation: Designed for your Tesla
    • Complete sound insulation kit: includes right and left front panels in 3 layers (felt, fiber and wool) and their fixing clips.
    • Correspondence year: Model 3 version 2017-2020 and 2021-2023

    Removing air noise for a more subdued electric car

    This is one of Tesla's acceptable excuses: the demand was such that the production of the Model 3 had to skip some usual checks.

    Some body parts give extraneous sounds after a certain speed, such as whistling or vibration.

    There are a few tricks on early Model 3s, like the felt pad used to adjust the front wheel arch, which can absorb air buildup at high speeds, helping to stave off those unwanted vibrations.

    Of course, it's not general.

    The attached kit for Tesla Model 3

    To begin with, the sealing and acoustic insulation kit is almost indispensable in this category of products. You just need to apply various gaskets in the right places to eliminate road or air sound.

    In addition, the kit prevents the accumulation of impurities present on the majority of vehicles. We're talking about those parts between the inside and the outside that the majority of drivers forget to clean!

    Felt-based elements, an answer adopted by Tesla

    The US-based company is indeed listening to Tesla owners.

    Usually after the release of a new version, the car became the center of attention so that American users on YouTube made very detailed reviews to find the smallest changes or improvements.

    Just look at the latest addition to the brand, and the new owner who dismantles everything to see what has been improved (we have never seen such a fanatic from another brand).

    What is important in this analysis is that the remarks about the car will be directly highlighted and that preparers such as Model-Sport will promote the necessary accessories to solve the problem.

    And besides, we often find the improvements made by the accessories manufacturers integrated later directly on the vehicle. We will take as an example the soundproofing of wheel arches, first marketed by accessories manufacturers before being adopted by Tesla.

    Acoustic Insulation Accessories Catalog

    We have added all the relevant items to the sound insulation of a specific Model. Most of the changes made in our store are complementary, especially in terms of the sound emitted.

    Among all our products in the range, the first real soundproofing effect is the soundproofing seal kit.

    The real test is without appeal, because we notice it not only by ear, but also with our sound level meter which indicates a few decibels less.

    The other soundproofing accessories are also obviously effective, especially in the front wheel arches, but we recommend combining the installation of several of these panels in felt / fiber / wool composition to feel the gap. In addition, this composition of several materials makes it possible to greatly stop the frequency of external noise, much more than another synthesis.

    Changing tires

    To tell you that acoustic insulation has paradoxically made noise in the Tesla environment, the latter has chosen to carry out adaptations and tests that have never been seen before, but which are defensible to a certain extent.

    We are talking about that famous strip of foam that covers the central part inside the tire.It is this thickness of foam that the American electric automobile company has chosen to stick directly inside the tires. Not so helpful, as most drivers who changed tires didn't hear a difference.

    Some owners believe that the brand and composition of the tire can change the sound emitted from them. This is true, but it is also very unintelligible in the majority of cases.

    Even though this is relatively bad on the Model 3, remember that the tires are the biggest source of noise between 50 and 120 km/h. In a nuclear automobile, it is normal that external noises can be heard inside.

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