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Tesla Model 3 Accessories

Do you want to fix all the little flaws of your Model 3? Filling your Tesla with aesthetic elements that will make it different? Just make it more Sporty?

You will find in our accessories section:

  • The essential accessories for your Model 3
  • Cabinet customization elements
  • Something to radically change its appearance

By finishing your reading, you will have an overview of what Model Sport has in store for you.

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Accessoires Tesla Model 3 sport

Let's start by outlining the mindset you'll find at Model Sport.

You will find what interests you, because you are the creators of the products present on our online store.

The Tesla Accessories Catalog

The accessory catalog available on the Tesla website provides an overview of what can be integrated into your original electrics.

Many modifications, to improve your driving experience, are however possible on these wonderful cars.

On the other hand, it is the car brand that has literally changed the history of this means of transport, as much by offering cool and also connected electric cars.

You will therefore find a whole universe dedicated to the interior of your Model 3, from carbon elements to the typical induction charger to the traditional carpet.

Body parts for your Model 3

Although its style is sufficiently refined from the outset to offer a pleasant and up-to-date design, the Model 3 can benefit from simple or radical aesthetic changes.

Carbon door handle trims are the most common as well as the carbon Ledge spoiler which does not leave anyone indifferent. These are simple customizations that are almost considered normal, but so effective.

For express repairs, you will also have the choice of original type body parts, manufactured by Model Sport.

And finally, complete body kits will change the overall look of your Tesla Model 3 so you won't come across one like it!

Essential accessories for your Model 3

Let's move on to the essentials on Model 3, the products that will give you another vision of your electric car.

From the traditional induction charger (for versions before 2021) to the gasket kit, the choice is yours.

Best Tesla Model 3 Accessories

For versions before 2021, we will talk later about the induction charger which is a must in the field.

Your preferences are generally for accessories that are almost essential to the purchase of a Model 3: such as carpets, trunk or passenger compartment, or lifting buffer pads.

For most people, the ultimate optimization is in soundproofing: although this is not an annoyance for everyone, some cannot do without installing the attached kit as soon as possible noise insulation specially developed for Model 3.

The induction charger

The induction charger is in such demand that it is now supplied as standard and even integrated directly into the center console, but only from the 2021 versions. Small clarification, the Model 3 versions 2021 can be received by customers who ordered in 2020, lucky you!

We offer an alternative for this cruel lack that we experience when we want to charge our laptop once installed inside our Tesla!

This one takes up the latest requests that you send us to stay in the spirit of the Tesla brand: listen to improve.

Vital sun visor on Tesla Model 3

You were probably surprised that the temperature inside the passenger compartment of your Model 3 could exceed 50 degrees in the middle of a heat wave...

The panoramic roof is absolutely brilliant, but beware of UV rays which are poorly filtered on Tesla glasses.

Sunshades are a good way to overcome this problem without having to tint the entire roof. Another point, once the hot periods of summer have passed, you can remove the sun visors and once again enjoy the daylight entering the passenger compartment.

Carpet for Tesla Model 3

Carpets on Tesla Model 3 are the first items to get to preserve the carpet.

In simple pile or formed exactly according to the contours, our selection is once again based on your requests.

Soft or rigid trunk mat

It's up to you, depending on the preferences of our customers, we prefer to put forward soft mats with a slightly stiffened structure.

This makes it possible to combine all the advantages of a protective mat, without the risk of causing wear on the original carpet due to friction from the latter.

You can also opt for a very common velvet carpet, which will be a solid support to withstand all external aggressions.

3d mats for Model 3

So to speak, the 3D floor mats for Model 3 are the most sought after, we can understand that.

Their shape fully protects the high-risk areas of the feet, that's all we ask of them. In addition, their multi-layered structure offers an unequaled guarantee of durability compared to traditional floor mats.

Choose the accessory or essential that will fulfill your electric car

This is the end of the presentation of our accessories section for Model 3.

If you can't find what you want, know that we also do custom manufacturing, so don't hesitate to contact us.

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