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Tesla Model Y carpet

Want to perfect and protect the entire interior of your Tesla Model Y with 3D mats?

Find here the famous preformed mats in the shapes of the Model Y 2021-2022 body.

By completing this section, you will know the manufacturing method as well as the materials used for the 3D mats of the company Model Sport.

3D carpet for Tesla Model Y

One of the most coveted accessories by the Tesla community!

Preformed mats are a big hit and become essential once you try them.

Best floor mats for Tesla Model Y

Floor mats were the first to appear in the Tesla world with the Model S.

It is also the first requested for the Model Y which has pleasantly large storage and living spaces. It's a first for an electric SUV to arouse so much desire, but it's also a first for a type of mat to be so successful.

The edges for the Model Y version are deliberately high to favor a tray shape that will keep the carpet clean.

Tesla Model Y trunk mat

Thermoforming makes it possible to reproduce the exact shapes of the walls of the trunk, while maintaining accessibility to the under-trunk thanks to its central folding zone.

For fans of quick cleaning, the shape of the tray will also allow you to take out the boot carpet to clean it outside the vehicle, simply by throwing away the impurities or by passing a high-pressure water jet over the entire surface.

Note that the under-safe also has its thermoformed 3D version.

Rubber mat for Model Y

One of the issues raised by the rubber mat is its appearance.

The 3D carpet manages to solve this inconvenience without losing its general functionality. It's waterproof, very durable, and still looks visually pleasing and cohesive in an automobile of Tesla's standing.

The composition of the one always remains the same, whatever the carpet chosen: the first adopts a honeycomb texture with a high-end appearance and an airtight surface that will keep any impurity or liquid deposited on the surface.

The second layer made of expanded foam gives the mat restraint and flexibility. Imagine dropping a heavy, sharp object on it, it will be gently cushioned before the mat can spring back to its original shape, without marks.

Finally, the thickness in contact with the carpet is designed to be non-slip: surely you have already experienced the frustration of feeling the carpet getting stuck in one position or slipping under your feet. This is a problem solved with 3D mats.