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Tesla Model 3 soundproofing

Sound insulation can be an issue for many Tesla Model 3 owners.

Isolation phonique tesla model 3

Fall in love with your electric car again with our soundproofing specially developed for the Model 3. All sound insulation kits are designed to be mounted directly on the original fixings, without any modification.

A sound defect that Tesla is trying to solve

The American electric car brand is trying to solve this problem, which some drivers have noted, for example you will find foam inside the tires to reduce the noise emitted by them. Is it really effective? Weakly, moreover, tire fitting companies do not put this foam back after changing.

The seal kit is very popular, we have even more for soundproofing

You will find all the elements that are best targeted on a Model 3, some have to be combined to make a real noticeable difference, but all improve the finish of the vehicle at the same time as they lower the sounds from outside:

  • Door seal soundproofing kit
  • Soundproofing of the front wheel arches
  • Complete soundproofing of the front trunk
  • Rear boot sound insulation