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Tesla Model X Accessories

Want to know what a Model X really has in store for you? Accessories available for the sportiest electric SUV?

In this guide, you will discover:

  • Model Sport body kits
  • Interior accessories
  • Essentials for your Model X

By finishing your reading, you will know what you need to modify your Tesla to your liking.

Let's Go!!!

Tesla Model X body kit

Accessoires tesla model x

The electric SUV par excellence can take a much sportier turn.

From a simple spoiler to a complete kit, carbon will invade your Model X

Which is the biggest Tesla?

It is on this point that the Model X relies to impose its design.

Tesla's "massive" SUV has plenty of storage space, but also a style that's endlessly customizable. In its category, it is the most powerful and sporty SUV on the market, so it is only natural to give it bodywork elements that go in this direction.

Its dimensions also give it another remarkable advantage over every Tesla, its infinite storage space.

Model X carbon kit

Door handles, mirror caps, grilles, spoilers or even a complete carbon body kit, that's what you'll find at Model Sport.

In real handmade carbon fiber, you can transform your Model X with real sporty elements that will only improve the aesthetics for some (mirror shell, grille, etc.), and the aerodynamic support for others (spoiler , blade…).

Continuously developing new elements, Model Sport also adapts to the market by designing tailor-made projects.

Tesla Model X interior

Although spacious, the interior of the Model X sometimes lacks a few accessories.

Find here the essentials for your interior.

2021 Model X Interior

The interior of the new Model X is already making waves.

We are already actively working on the next products that we can offer to all happy new buyers.

Delivery times are pushed back to the end of 2021, as usual, we will be patient while waiting for our new toys.

But know that the interior will already be well supplied, with an induction charger that we already know on our current Model 3.

However, there are still many possibilities with the original wooden inserts and all the console storage.

Model X carbon insert

The basic elements that will transform the interior of your Model X will surely be the carbon inserts.

Easy to install and effective, they will give a more luxurious and sporty dimension to the passenger compartment.

You'll find all of these in our Model X "interior" section. many interior parts are shared with the Model S sedan, this will also be the case for the next elements of the new interior updated in 2021.

Trunk Mat

The trunk mat for Tesla as a rule has become a religion for the owners of this brand.

Given the space available on these, you can carry all kinds of belongings. But the flat bottom quickly tends to "mark" if you often drag these.

The trunk mat will allow you to protect the carpet as well as make it easier to clean the different parts of your Tesla, such as the rear under-trunk or the front trunk.

Must-have Model X Accessories

Let's move on to the essentials of the Model X.

They are so useful that you will quickly adopt them!

Induction Charger

Induction chargers have become so widespread in Teslas that the brand itself integrates them as standard in their center console.

For anyone who still wants to take advantage of this option without having to wait for the release of the 2021 version, Model Sport offers an induction charger that will sit discreetly under the upper cover of the center console.

Model Sport Sun Visor

All Tesla owners know that feeling of stepping into an oven as soon as summer arrives.

Model Sport provides sun visors that are simple to install, in place and in place, while remaining discreet and clean in their integration into the cabin.

Made in a fine mesh, these will let daylight through by filtering the power of UV rays to lower the temperature stored in the passenger compartment.

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