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Alcantara Tesla Model 3

Would you like a complete Alcantara set for your Tesla Model 3?

It's done, find it here:

  • Hand-sewn kits ready for installation
  • Alcantara-covered inserts
  • Customization according to your choice

By completing this section, you will know exactly which parts of the cabin you can modify.

What is real Alcantara?

Console centrale alcantara model 3

It is a very important point to come back to this fundamental point: does everyone provide real Alcantara? Besides, how to recognize it?

The name Alcantara is a name and registered trademark of artificially created leather. The latter is Italian.

So to put it simply, the real Alcantara comes directly from Italy, where it is made.

Like Tesla's Vegan leather, which is no more or less another name for imitation leather, but with an innovative manufacturing process specific to the brand, Alcantara is a reproduction of Sweden . Suede is a type of leather with a soft appearance, in other words, it is the skin of an animal with a pleasant surface to the touch.

It is therefore preferable, to stay in the Tesla spirit, to opt for Alcantara which is a mixture of synthetic fiber in polyester maintained by a layer of polyurethane.

Last point to add on this subject, the Alcantara company is the first "Made in Italy" to obtain Zero Emission certification. Which means that its unique manufacturing process releases no carbon dioxide into the air.

Alcantara insert for Tesla Model 3

Insert Alcantara Tesla model 3

Let's first look at the inserts, which are the easiest parts to change and the most popular.

Alcantara Dashboard Insert

This is the most requested item on our Teslas!

The dashboard insert in Alcantara version will give a first radical change to the interior of your Model 3.

Especially if you have a 2021, you can take advantage of the extension of its line to the door panel inserts:

Alcantara door insert on Model 3

Be aware first of all that the Alcantara used for the trim of the inserts as well as for the manufacture of the kits is specially selected to be of the same color as the Alcantara already present on the door panels of your Model 3. There may be a very slight variation in color depending on the year of your vehicle, which will only be visible if you put the two elements next to each other (for the most experienced among you).

The second important point is that the insert has a reduced thickness so as not to hinder the closing of the door.

Thus, its general appearance will not give you an "additional" effect, but rather a dressing as if it were original.

Armrest in Alcantara

The armrest will also take on another shape with the insert.

This time, the element will simply be placed, but you can choose to glue it or not: its shape allows it to be held perfectly in its position.

As for the latter, we also offer a cover which this time will have the topstitching in the color of your choice.

Hand-stitched Alcantara kit for Tesla Model 3

Kit alcantara tesla model 3

In this part, we are prioritizing 100% Alcantara kits which are designed to be put on by hand thanks to their sticky surface.

Alcantara dashboard

This is one of the elements that will radically transform the atmosphere of the interior of your Model 3.

Sewn and crafted by hand on a real template dashboard, this kit will simply give a much more luxurious finish than the original.

You will no longer constantly see this plastic part under your windshield, but a surface pleasant to the touch and more visible from the outside.

Know that you can choose different colors of Alcantara and stitching.

Door trim for Model 3

This kit will transform the look of your doors.

Each element is placed directly on the door panel using its sticky inner side.

Sewing and topstitching give a refined finish to the entire cabin. Again, you can vary the colors as you wish.