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Alcantara Tesla Model Y

Are you seduced by the soft and luxurious look of Alcantara?

In this presentation of material from Italy:

  • How to recognize real Alcantara and its specificities
  • What you can find for your Model Y
  • Customization according to your desire

By finishing this section, you will have an overview of what an Alcantara trim will bring you for your Model Y.

How is genuine Alcantara different?

Let's tackle this pungent subject from the outset: why there is real and fake Alcantara and how to recognize it?

Alcantara is a trademark registered by the Italian factory that bears the same name: it is not a type of fabric as many think, but a brand of synthetic textile which has a process of unique manufacture.

In fact, you will notice on our product sheets the presence of the small logo ®, which only companies sourcing from the Alcantara parent company can use.

Its robustness and its use have become so common in the automotive field that popular belief equates it to beaten leather, the latter is however called suede (the material), and the Alcantara is an imitation suede with much better properties in terms of use and CO2 rejection.

This last point fully reflects the state of mind of the Tesla brand, because it should be noted that Alcantara is the first Italian company to have obtained the Zero Emission aggregation.

Alcantara-covered inserts for Tesla Model Y

Tableau de bord alcantara tesla model y

First, let's look at inserts.

These ABS plastic elements covered with Alcantara will allow you to quickly transform your passenger compartment.

Dashboard insert for Model Y

This is the most attractive element for a Model Y, this simple Alcantara insert will give you a totally different vision of life on board.

The tint of this element gives a darker and classier image, especially since the dashboard is one of the most imposing parts of the Model Y interior.

Like all inserts, its principle is simple: the internal surface is provided with a double-sided, allowing you to quickly put it in place without any disassembly.

Alcantara door insert on Model Y

In addition to the previous insert, the Alcantara-covered door trim inserts are almost a must-have to properly complete the transformation of your Model Y's cabin.

Remember in this section that the Alcantara is selected from the many colors of the Italian brand to match the one used by Tesla to cover the inside of the door panels of your Model Y.

The thickness of this has been studied so as not to interfere with the closing of the door.

Alcantara armrest insert

An interesting part that has been specially developed to inaugurate this Alcantara collection for Model Y is the armrest cover with topstitching.

This white topstitch takes the line of the original one, with the same distance between the stitches for an "original type" effect.

The armrest cover will simply be placed above the original one, two double-sided strips are placed on the two internal sides of the vertical walls to guarantee its stability.

Alcantara replacement parts for Model Y

Alcantara tesla model y

Let's move on to Model Sport's latest creation with Alcantara replacement parts.

Replacing the dashboard

We have been offering a replacement version for your dashboard for quite some time now, but with the carbon version.

Alcantara is no exception with this Alcantara dashboard: we work directly on the original Tesla element (OEM), which will be modified and customized at your request in our Workshop, in the Bugey.

At first, we only offer Alcantara in the standard Tesla color, the one you already find in your Model Y.

Later on, we will extend this option and offer a wider choice of colors directly from the Alcantara catalog.

Alcantara door trim for Model Y

In the same spirit as the parts mentioned above, the door trim will follow the continuity of your Alcantara trim.

These elements have the particularity, like most parts of a Tesla, of being very easily dismantled.

Everything is nested and you can therefore carry out the transformation of your cabin relatively quickly and without tools.

Alcantara steering wheel trim

Another creation from Model Sport with this infinitely customizable steering wheel trim.

The goal once again is to provide elements that will have a much more luxurious finish and rendering while guaranteeing an "original type" appearance.

As always for these replacement parts, we use refurbished Tesla parts in France, in our Workshop.

Finally, the deposit system allows you to recover part of your purchase, while allowing a friend in the Tesla community to benefit from a new original part that will be modified according to their wishes!

Alcantara headliner for Model Y

This is the most important part you can modify on Model Y!

The entirety of your headlining in real Alcantara! A simple modification that will transform your life on board even more. You will thus find the finish that only the top-of-the-range Teslas share.

With the panoramic roof, the elements of the headliner and the door arches will take on a whole new dimension!