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Tesla Model S Accessories

Want to find a specific accessory for your Model S? Or just make it sportier?

In this section of accessories you will find:

  • Model Sport body parts for your Model S
  • Modifications that make the interior even more practical
  • The essential modifications

By completing this section, you will surely have found something to improve on your electric vehicle!

Tesla Model S body

Accessoires Tesla Model S intérieur et extérieur

First, let's see what is possible to highlight the Model S Design.

From the simple Performance spoiler to the most radical elements.

Tesla Model S with a performance look

One of the first things you need to install to take the look of your standard Model S to a performance one is the spoiler.

In the performance spirit of the Tesla brand, Model Sport has taken over the exact design of the model existing with the American brand.

However, we took care to rework the internal structure of this one, in the basis of its design, in order to give it the flexibility necessary for the correct alignment on the bodywork, while maintaining increased solidity.

With a derisory weight (a few hundred grams), it will give you the look of the Model S Performance as well as its long-term aerodynamic support, thanks to double-sided panels provided by the official 3M brand.

Facelift, restyling of the Model S in 2016

As a matter of taste, many like the facelift of the Model S that came out in 2016.

Those who ordered their electric sedan in 2015 or earlier are sometimes disappointed not to be able to take advantage of this much more fluid front end with the general lines of the bodywork.

It is for this reason that Model Sport has endeavored to find a solution for its own vehicles, then to distribute them to the greatest number of fans of this renowned electric vehicle.

You will therefore find in the bodywork section a kit allowing the passage to the 2016 "facelift" version, which can also be very useful for you in the case of a repair of any version currently available on the second-hand market (the version 2021 having undergone another restyling).

Modifying the interior of your Model S

The original interior of the first Model S is not to everyone's taste.

A good number of carbon parts and necessary equipment are reserved for you.

Carbon insert kit

Whether for the dashboard or the center console, real carbon insert kits are the most requested to modify the interior of the Model S.

Originally created to change the "original" look of the cabin, these have generated real interest in view of the finish they give:

A feeling of luxurious sportiness pervades your cabin. It is the finishing touch that is somehow missing on some interiors.

Tesla Model S Mat

It is very difficult to find complete kit mats for Model S. Only a few (French) manufacturers offer good quality kits, especially in a velvet version.

Model Sport has not yet marketed a product of this type, simply because we are working on a 3D version that will perfectly fit the shape of the body.

Trunk Mat

Here too, you will have to be patient, because we are preparing a trunk mat that will perfectly fit the rear compartment of your Model S.

As for the Model 3, we will offer a carpet that will stay in place, in three layers, padded and moreover waterproof.

The essential accessories of a Model S

Now let's take a look at the most popular accessories.

More than accessories, they will make your life aboard your Model S easier.

Induction Charger

In the Tesla blogosphere, the charger has become a classic, even a religion.

The Model S is no exception and you can of course install your own induction charger with our relatively simple installation kit.

So to speak, you have absolutely nothing to change, except your habit of putting your mobile phone on its holder and picking it up charged. And so that your Smartphone does not interfere with the operation of your vehicle, the charger is designed and manufactured with components that consume very little power.

Wrap for Model S

Again the Wrap is part of the Tesla religion, but for a much more obscure reason.

It's been since the release of the Model 3 that this paint problem has caused a lot of noise. Indeed, the latter having steel body parts, as soon as the top layer started to leave, the result was rust.

For the Model S, no problem with rust, of course, the entire body is made of aluminium. And it is only for this reason that the users did not cry foul, although they had every right to do so.

We are sure that by reading these lines, some of you are wondering whether or not your Model S has this paint problem. Go see for yourself, but the main reason why it's less noticeable on the Model S is that the tint of the raw aluminum body makes this lack of paint shine less noticeable. Rust though, it's obvious!

We have therefore distributed a special underbody Wrap kit that absolutely must be installed as soon as possible. Some of us had the misfortune to wait thinking that since we had just bought the car, we still had time.

Understand that it must be done as a preventive measure, even before the chips appear on the entire underbody, the longer you wait, the more it will be seen.

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