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Tesla Model Y Accessories

Want to know what Model Sport has in store for your Model Y? Which accessories are almost essential for your Tesla life?

In this quick guide, we'll see:

  • The body parts you will find on our online store
  • Accessories to make the passenger compartment more user-friendly
  • Essentials for your electric SUV

When you finish reading, you will surely find the element your Model Y was missing.

Let's Go!!!

Tesla Model Y Body

Accessoires tesla model y intérieur et extérieur

First, we'll see the body parts.

From the carbon kit to the paint protection, these elements will only make your Tesla look better.

Performance carbon spoiler for Model Y

This is one of the most requested parts for the Tesla Model Y.

The matte carbon spoiler is what differentiates a Long Range Model Y from a Performance. Understated in style, it reflects the hidden power of Tesla automobiles.

This will come to rest instead, perfectly matching the complex shapes of the tip of the trunk.

To avoid any deformation of it during years when temperature variations are very strong, we use a composite of carbon and epoxy resin. Although having a higher cost than the polyester resin, connoisseurs know that the Epoxy has a perfect transparency for the carbon and a total invariability during the years of test during the very cold winters and especially during the summers. very hot.

Body protections

We can thank our Canadian and American friends for having tested the Tesla Model Y in preview and especially for having ordered the first versions knowing that they were going to work as beta testers.

Painting didn't have time to be a problem for this version of Tesla, at least not for French deliveries. Because be aware that the first owners of Model Y were faced with the same paint problem as on the Model S, 3 and X: trace of dust under the tint, trace of grease (the very small hollows that you can easily spot on the dark colours), difference in color between bumper and bodywork and above all, lack of a coat of paint.

New factories and especially new Tesla protocols have increased the quality of paintwork, because this problem has caused a lot of noise, for a good reason:

Most of Tesla's advertising is done by itself, by owners and fans via social media and website. So all the news and all the problems are also relayed quickly. Be aware, however, that competing brands, even among Germans, have manufacturing defects, except that their advertising is only paid for and that no community like that of Tesla has formed for another manufacturer.

Well, that said, Tesla's paint is still not its forte, although dust, grease and color difference are ancient history, the lack of paint can still be a problem over time.

This is why we offer bodywork protection wrap kits, which will be placed in strategic places, to avoid any risk of paint chips and rust.

Tesla Model Y interior

Let's move on to your life inside your Model Y.

Spacious, you will have enough to please yourself to make the interior even more convivial and to your taste.

Floor mats for the electric SUV

As we always say, floor and trunk mats are a religion in the Tesla community.

From a simple velor mat to a "3D" shaped mat, we will have enough to make the use of your electric SUV and above all its maintenance even more pleasant.

The 3D carpets are very discreet and will give optimal protection to the original carpet with its curved shape like a tray. Gravel, dirt, sand and mud will simply remain on the mats which you can clean quickly by removing the mat from its location.

No more hours of cleaning where you have to try to remove the dirt embedded in the carpet mesh.

Inserts for Model Y

Inserts are known for their ease of installation and above all for the radical change of atmosphere they can cause in a passenger compartment.

From a simple color change with our ABS center console inserts to the sporty style of glossy, matte or forged carbon, you will have enough to adapt the interior of your Model Y to your state of mind.

Also, we offer wraps that will be aimed at knowledgeable and meticulous enthusiasts.

Model Y essential accessories

Let's move on to the essentials of the Model Y.

We've already mentioned rugs, but that's not all:

Sun visor

The sun visor will prevent you from having this feeling of opening the door to hell with each heat wave.

The glass roof is absolutely brilliant for everyday use, except in the summer. Your SUV will turn into a mobile greenhouse every summer and moreover, the brightness provided by it is not necessarily suitable for everyone.

It is for this reason that we offer the traditional windshield sunshades, which will be useful to counter the sun's UV rays when your car is parked (even with the privilege of having it monitored by you). Elon Musk and Starman in person if you wish).

We also offer thick mesh type sun visors, which will have the power to let a trickle of light through while greatly stopping the suffocating effect of UV rays.

HUB for USB socket

One of the other elements that will be of great service to you will surely be the HUB for USB.

This will allow you to effectively distribute the charging ports with USB type C sockets and the memory ports with conventional USB type A sockets for a standard key.

Very easy to use, these will in no way interfere with the operation of the USB sockets and will not require any installation on your vehicle: put it down and use it directly.

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